Personal Training Philosophy

At Body Form Fitness Studio, our personal training philosophy is that a balanced, healthy lifestyle should encompass various aspects, including:

  • Muscular Strength
  • Functional Development
  • Endurance & Stamina
  • Flexibility & Stability
  • Proper Nutrition
  • Rest & Recovery

Muscular Strength

The Power to Do All the Things You Want

Personal Training Philosopy 1At every age of life the human body is capable of improvement, positive change and adaptation. Every movement our body makes requires the use of the muscular system. Other functions of the body also rely on accurate muscle function so that they, in turn, can perform properly. Weak muscle support is often the root cause of popular ailments, most notably spinal issues.

Muscles are unique in that they are able to produce force by contracting and relaxing in response to signals from the brain. When we exercise our muscles grow stronger, which enables us to do everyday activities with more ease. Alternatively, muscles will become smaller and weaker if we do not exercise them on a regular basis. Resistance weight and strength training is designed to strengthen muscle and should be an integral part of any program.
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Functional Development

Looks Good But Does It Work?

Function is, essentially, purpose. Functional training can therefore be described as purposeful training. Functional training is a continuum of exercises that teach us to handle our own body weight in all planes of movement. Experts emphasize that functional training trains movements, not muscles. There is no emphasis on overdeveloping strength in a particular movement.

Personal Training Philosopy 4To refine the definition, ask yourself how many skills are performed by one joint acting in isolation? The answer is none. Functional training attempts to focus on multi-joint movement as much as possible. Single joint movements that isolate a specific muscle are very non-functional. Multi-joint movements are considered very functional; they integrate muscle groups into movement patterns.

In functional training, strength is developed with the intent of improving skills, not for the sake of more strength. Muscle size is developed in areas that will benefit from greater size, not for aesthetics. Although many people train for appearance, functional training views appearance as a by-product of increased health and overall function.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for sport, or just wanting to be in the best condition of your life, functional training should be an important component in your health and fitness program.

Endurance And Stamina

Can You Keep Going?

scarborough personal trainingThere is a significant amount of research studying the benefits that the body experiences when exposed to continual cardiovascular training. Much of this research has been prompted because of the frequency of heart conditions within our society. We know that cardiovascular training decreases the risk of heart disease, normalizes resting blood pressure, reduces the resting heart rate, and improves our ability to perform activities of daily living.


Flexibility & Stability

The More You Stretch, The Less You Hurt

personal training philosophy 5Flexibility is required for us to perform everyday activities with relative ease. As we age, flexibility may deteriorate due to a sedentary lifestyle making everyday activities more difficult to perform. Over time we create body movement and posture habits that can cause loss of joint mobility and compromised body positions. If we stay active and stretch our muscles regularly, we will avoid a loss of mobility (and independence) as we age.

Proper Nutrition

Good Fuel Equals Good Performance

hydrationThe science of nutrition has captured our interest over the past decade. The average person now knows about cholesterol, fat, fibre and the links between nutrition and disease. The 6 essential requirements in our diets are: fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water. The key to a healthy diet is to eat a variety of foods based on correct portion sizes. Proper hydration is essential to daily health. Drink 8-12 (8oz) glasses of water daily. Do not use thirst as an indication though, as being thirsty means you are already dehydrated. Any decision to pursue nutritional supplements should also be well researched first. View our Chef’s Corner for nutritional recipes.

Rest & Recovery

All Batteries Need to Recharge

rest and recovery When following any type of exercise program, one of the most important aspects of the program is planned rest and recovery. This is necessary to achieve maximum gains and unfortunately, this is most often overlooked. Everyone can feel the benefits of exercise whether it’s training with weights or on the track, but the benefits of proper rest and recovery are slightly less tangible.

Proper recovery is key to allowing the body to repair muscle and connective tissues broken down during exercise, as well as restoring energy stores that have been depleted. In addition, adequate recovery will permit full restoration and increase energy producing enzymes in our muscles, ensuring that we get the largest gain from our fitness program.

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