Nutrition, fitness essential for healthy body and brain

Proper health practices and nutrition are vital in every stage of life. A healthy lifestyle is about creating a balance to support a health body and brain.

It is important to educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle in relation to where you are in life. For seniors it is a balance between receiving proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes eating well, safe activity, and mental health and exercising your brain. Insufficient nutrition is a common problem in seniors. Dementia can cause poor dietary habits like loss of appetite, taste, feeding problems and inability to prepare proper meals. Extreme weight loss and under nutrition can create a significant impact on the course of the disease both cognitive and functionally. If you or someone you care for is experiencing lack of nutrition, it is important to contact a nutritionist to receive specific advice regarding eating habits and nutritional supplements.

Once you have figured out a proper and safe nutritional practice you can take steps towards a generally healthier lifestyle.

Healthy body, healthy brain:  Make wise food choices.

The first step you can make to a healthy lifestyle is to make wise food choices. Eat a varied diet, rich in dark-coloured fruits in vegetables because they typically hold more nutrients. Include foods that are high in antioxidants (blueberries and spinach) and omega-3 (fish and canola oils). Antioxidants are thought to act against neurodegeneration by limiting the production of toxic substances. Omega-3 cannot be created within the human body but is essential nutrition for a healthy brain.

healthy body healthy brain

Image Source: Dr. Mercola

The next step towards a healthy lifestyle is to get up and be active. Regular physical activity helps maintain cardiovascular health and can significantly reduce the risk of heart attacks, stroke and diabetes. Physical activity can also be done from your chair. Leg lifts, arm lifts and other simple exercises can help to keep your blood flowing and retain your strength.

To keep up with the changes you are making to create a healthy lifestyle, track your numbers. Keep a record of your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and weight. This keeps track of your healthy lifestyle changes and keeps you responsible for your choices.

Last but not least, reduce your stress. When making these changes to a healthy lifestyle regarding nutrition and fitness, it is also important to maintain a healthy headspace. Practise relaxation, meditation or other stress-reduction techniques. It is also important to exercise your brain. Find a math or a crossword puzzle that pushes you to think.

Healthy practices are not only important as a senior but also throughout your life.

When growing up the decisions you make at any stage of your life can follow you. Make healthy life choices that promote the proper care and development in the brain.

If you are looking for more information on nutrition while living with Alzheimer’s, contact the Alzheimer Society at 403-3229-3766.

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