5 Ways to Balance Work, Life and Wellness

Research proves that regular exercise and healthy eating habits can reduce stress, improve individual’s energy levels and work-life balance, yet that can feel like an insurmountable task for some. Experts suggest ways to balance work, life and a wellness:

  1.  Utilize your skills to help you achieve a new goal. If organization is your forte, making and keeping a weekly meal plan may be in your scope of possibility. 
  2.  Get outside to boost your vitamin D levels. At a cellular level, Vitamin D massively boosts energy, recharges your battery quicker and repairs damage from injury or physical stress.
  3.  Strive for a balanced routine. Perfectionism can be detrimental to balanced living. “In pursuit of the best, we end up burning tons of time and energy trying to maximize the things that may already be good enough and leave ourselves depleted when we head into the next activity. In fact, research has found that while gold medalists may be happiest, bronze medalists appear considerably happier than silver winners.” – Sam Chase, MFA, author, positive psychologist and certified yoga teacher
  4.  Have a plan B… and C.  When you have schedule conflicts or last minute changes, be open-minded and flexible, that way you can make anything a workout.
  5.  Outsource responsibilities.  For example, have nutritious meals delivered to you if you don’t have time to prep and cook.

Balancing work, life, and wellness is about finding a routine that supports your lifestyle. To achieve this, be creative and try different exercise methods and meal planning strategies that fit into your schedule.


Image: Unsplash.com c/o David Marcu

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